First Decentralized Interactive Waifu Market
Buy, own, trade and touch your favorite anime characters!

Crypto Waifus allows people to buy, collect and sell smart contracts of their favorite waifus. Each girl has its own smart contract stored forever on the blockchain.

New Last Update: 6 waifus have been added to the marketplace: Misaka, Kanna, Misaki, Leafa, Meiko, Zelda.

Blockchain meets anime girls

  • Buy, sell, or trade your Crypto Waifus Smart Contract and get them in your harem. Be the only person in the world to own their unique waifu Smart Contracts.
  • The time you purchase a Smart Contract, it auto doubles in price. But when someone else matches the current price, they’ll automatically take away your Smart Contract. You’ll lose the girl but you will receive up to double the amount you invested.
  • Value only goes up

  • The price of each contract always increases with new transaction. When you buy a waifu, watch out! Anyone can take away your girls from you by paying up to double what you paid.
  • If you bought a girl for 0.02 ETH, another player can snatch it away from you. Once that happens, you’ll automatically receive 0.04 ETH! Contracts double in price with each transaction until they reach 0.05 ETH.
  • How to buy

  • Crypto Waifues runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Just like coins, each waifu is linked to one Smart Contract Token on the game’s blockchain.
  • To purchase a Smart Contract send Ether to the contract using Metamask. If someone wants to buy one of your current contracts, the buyer has to pay you the bigger amount. To get started, simply download the the MetaMask Wallet Google extension.
  • You can interact with the girls!

    Use your mouse to make the girl follow you. She will look at your mouse position. You can even touch them in various places!

    Harem Room

    In your Harem Room girls will get more options, animations and sounds.

    The bust and the body touch zones

    Only available in your Harem Room.

    Find your girl

    Search, sorting and category functionality are available for you.


    You don't need any registration with passwords. Your ethereum address already acts as a registration form!

    Source code?

    You can check Smart Contract Source in the navbar.

    Waifu Card

    Waifu price multiplier info

    Purchase price Next price multiplier
    Less than 0.053613 ETH 2x
    Less than 0.564957 ETH 1.2x
    Greater than 0.564957 ETH 1.15x

    More questions?

    What happens to my Ether if the transaction fails?

    If you are outbid before you transaction can confirm, or if your transaction fails for any other reason, you will be automatically refunded by the smart contract. Purchase Crypto Waifus from your own personal wallet and don't buy them from an exchanges.

    I don't want my Waifu anymore. Can I get a refund?

    Refund in this system is not possible. Each transaction goes from user to another user. Crypto Waifus is a marketplace to show you these transactions.

    How do you make money?

    We get a small % from an each transaction.